Thread RF Gateway

Thread was introduced into our product roadmap with the aim of combining a group of meters using a radio frequency communication channel at distances up to 100 meters.

The principle of its operation is that in places where there is a high concentration of consumers connected to electricity, there is no need to use an expensive 3GPP module with each meter or PLC module to collect data and create an architecture for communication with data concentrators.

The ability to use the Thread solution implies the presence of only one Leader meter per network serving as a RF Gateway for a group of up to 32 smart meters with this solution, with the ability to convert any of them into a Leader meter by adding a communication module.

In the event that the Leader meter fails the ADDAX Thread network is automatically reconfigured due to the automatic building of communication topology.

  • Open standard based design: Thread uses open IPv6 protocol for reliable, cost-effective, low-power, secure, wireless communication.
  • Simple commissioning: Seamless network devices installation, start up and operation allows dynamical optimization and healing.
  • Secure: Only authorized devices can join the Thread network. All network communications are encrypted and secured.
  • No single point of failure: Thread Network is auto-configuring and self-healing that provides secure and reliable communication even in case of any device failure. 
  • Small and large networks: The network can vary from several devices to hundreds of devices communicating seamlessly.Supports a wide variety of products based on IPv6. Multiple applications can share the same network.
  • Power efficient: Devices can operate for years on small batteries.
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