Anti-fraud Solution

Electricity theft is not a mere crime, which normally has to result in punishment of the thief. This can create a serious negative effect over other people. In many countries for instance electricity distribution losses which include commercial loss caused by theft are included in tariffs. So other honest consumers pay for the losses. In some countries, India, Brazil, South African Republic, etc losses reach such a high level, that electricity companies cannot get out of debt and do not have funds to invest into improvement of networks or building new networks thus connecting new consumers to electricity.

In order to give electricity companies instrument to detect and prevent electricity theft every smart meter produced by ADD Grup is equipped with several anti-theft technologies and anti-tampering solutions, such as: sensors of opening meter cover and terminal box, magnetic field sensors and differential current sensor to measure the difference between currents in phase and neutral wires. 

The most efficient instrument to prevent electricity theft however is ADDAX split metering solution, the measuring and customer parts (the split meter and customer interface unit – CIU, respectively) are separated from each other, which allows installing the measuring part far from the customer premises, in an unreachable place, for example, on an electricity pylon or inside an electrical enclosure. As a result, the measuring part is protected from any kind of fraud attempts or tampering. On the other hand, the customer part provides the customer with all necessary information on consumption, service data, etc. It can be located in a convenient place within the consumer premises.

Meters are designed on the basis of Universal Hardware Platform supporting OFDM based technologies: PRIME 1.3.6, PRIME 1.4, G3-PLC , Hybrid PLC and RF, with frequency ranges CENELEC and FCC. Switch between technologies is done through firmware change locally or remotely.

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