New Modular smart meters of 9th series

We are happy to announce finalization of design of MODULAR single-phase and three-phase smart meters.

Here you can find below the features and innovative shapes of each modular smart meter

  • Standard data model, open protocols
  • Sealed optical port
  • Sensors of cover opening – meter, terminal block, communication module
  • Magnetic field sensor. Magnetic protection shield
  • Built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) interface
  • Various modules for WAN communication (PLC, Hybrid PLC & RF, RF, Cellular, Lorawan)
  • Multirate registration
  • Replaceable battery
  • Supported communication technologies: PRIME, G3-PLC, Wi-SUN, 3GPP (4G, LTE, Nb-IoT)
  • Support of different types of prepayment: ADDERRA payment control, STS, managed prepayment


Learn more by downloading the datasheets by clicking on this link

ADDERRA Advanced configuration
ADDERRA Basic configuration
Smart Metering Roadmap
  • Modular meter and DIN meters – via BLE channel;
  • WAN communications between Modular meter and HES :
    • Through the Data Concentrator over PLC, RF, Hybrid PLC+RF
    • Directly via 3GP...
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