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17 October 2014

AS "Sadales tīkls" satisfied with ADDAX pilot proceeds with rollout of up to 100 000 ADDAX meters

AS "Sadales tīkls" has approved the results of ADDAX pilot project in Latvia and proceeds to mass rollout of ADDAX AMI solution.
In frames of AMI project awarded by AS "Sadales tīkls" to ADD GRUP and its Latvian partner ELKO the parties reached an agreement for a preliminary pilot deployment of an end-to-end smart metering solution covering 8 substations and 932 meters, 8 data concentrators and AMI software SIMS.

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24 September 2014

EVN Macedonia to deploy 18 000 ADDAX meters

EVN awarded ADD Bulgaria, ADD GRUP’s partner in Bulgaria, the tender for the deployment of 18 000 AMI meters to its grid in FYRM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). As a result of ADDAX implementation EVN Bulgaria could finally reduce non-technical losses.

ADD GRUP from Moldova will provide an end-to-end solution: Smart Meters, Data Concentrators, Head End Solution based on ADDAX Technology.

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18 August 2014

Onwards to Europe, or ADDAX smart meters for Latvia

August, a month of vacations for many, for thousands of citizens in Latvia will be associated with a start-up of country wide smart metering implementation. This follows an agreement signed between AS "Sadales tīkls" (Latvian Distribution System Operator), ELKO (a company with more than 40 years of experience in installation works) and ADD GRUP (a well known manufacturer of smart metering/AMI) for supply of smart metering solution based on PRIME technology, covering from 50 000 to 100 000 consumers.

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01 August 2014

Energa Operator: Data from smart meters helps in reduction of losses

This year Energa Operator has conducted a research in order to show the significant potential of smart grid solutions for reduction of technical and commercial losses, thus studying the possibilities in Kalisz and Hel Peninsula (Poland).

In Kalisz research indicates that 12 months after implementation of the system, losses we’re reduced by 10 % in comparison to the previous year.

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22 July 2014

ADD GRUP, now a regular member of G3-PLC™ Alliance

Today, we’re glad to announce that ADD GRUP has become a member of G3-PLC™ Alliance.  A worldwide organization formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC™ in smart grid applications, which gathers key companies from the smart grid ecosystem.

G3-PLC™ was developed to meet the industry's need for a potentially ubiquitous power line communications standard that will enable the smart grid vision.

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13 June 2014

Case Study: AMI project in Poland

Energa Operator was the first utility in Poland that implemented a massive rollout (Stage One) of Smart Meters, thus confirming its position as a leading investor in Polish Distribution System. This deployment took place in 2012, when Energa Operator installed 109 thousand Smart Meters delivered by ADD GRUP as a first stage of rolling out Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

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06 June 2014

Message for Suppliers

The environmental management principles that ADD Production strives to adhere also refers to its suppliers. The principal objective of the ADD Production is to lead business with those suppliers who have accomplished the environmental management systems in accordance to the ISO 14001.

Suppliers who have not yet implemented ISO 14001 must at least execute a specific range of actions to ensure that all the operations comply with the relevant standards, legislation and international conventions.

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25 April 2014

Energa Operator: AMI and Smart Meters, a closer look

Nowadays in our modern and developing world we can clearly sense the rise of interest in advanced metering infrastructure and smart meters. Now one of the major energy suppliers from Poland – Energa Operator made a short video that describes in details the structure of this system, which is based on ADDAX IMS, and its components.

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14 March 2014

E.ON Hungary: New Approach to Tackling Illegal Consumption

Increasing illegal consumption is a stringent issue for Hungarian electricity distribution companies. Current difficult economic downturn has determined many to use illegal connections to get electricity “for free”, causing important losses to DSOs. Stealing electricity is as simple as throwing a cable on a bare mains wire.

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27 January 2014

ADD GRUP Newsletter: Now available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure we inform you that now you can subscribe to our newsletter. It’s easy, and simple! All that’s needed is to enter your Email and click the Subscribe button.  The Newsletter form can be found at the bottom of our website.
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