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25 June 2018

How does the life of people change with the installation of the ADDAX system?

Payment for public services takes a large part of the family budget. And of course, each of us wants to save as much as possible. There is an opinion that smart meters help to protect only electricity suppliers, but it is not. Meters of the new generation, developed on the basis of ADDAX IMS, help to save a lot of money for consumers.

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18 June 2018

Destroy the myths about smart meters

With the advent of something new, there are always skeptics who will say that it is dangerous and bad. People are used to old electromechanical meters, so they are afraid and refuse to install smart meters. In this article, we will try to refute myths and conjectures about the danger of smart meters, for this we collected the most exciting questions and answer them.

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11 June 2018

ADD GRUP Data Concentrator DC2S PRIME certified

Many years of experience in development of smart equipment and approvals from international laboratories make ADD GRUP partners confident of successful cooperation. This time, the approval of the Spanish laboratory Tecnalia was given to DC2S Data Concentrator that passed CENELEC EN50065 and PRIME v.

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28 May 2018

ADD Grup’s partner Iberdrola strengthens its positions in the territory of Qatar in the sphere of alternative energy

Early March of this year, the 'Iberdrola Innovation Center Middle East' was opened in Doha. This was a big step towards the development of alternative energy in the Gulf countries.

The 'Iberdrola Innovation Middle East' is a new technology center, through which the company develops innovative and consulting services in three key areas: the digitization of the energy system through intelligent networks, the system integration of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

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18 May 2018

Certification of ADDAX IMS meters in Turkey

Recognition and certification in the international market is an integral part of the work of ADD Grup. Once again, the company demonstrated the highest level in the development of intelligent meters and added a new achievement in the field of certification. Now, single-phase and three-phase ADDAX IMS meters have been certified in Turkey, where they passed all necessary checks in the Eldas laboratory.

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21 December 2017

German Meter MID Certified – ADD Grup’s brand new achievement in smart metering

Smart meter deployment has taken over the globe with an unbelievable force due to progress in the energy sector which inspired energy producers and consumers to supply and install meters of the upgraded kind.

Ever since smart meters have stepped into our customers’ households they have granted certain benefits which doubtfully are significant in day-today life convenience.

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07 December 2017

Against all odds: PRE Czech Republic continues installation of ADDAX PRIME based smart metering solution

The Czech Republic has always been and remains one of the most advanced countries of the European Union. Every year Prague hosts a variety of events dedicated to changes and the latest trends in information, technology and innovation fields. Many of them are accepted with enthusiasm, others met quite skeptically.

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12 October 2017

Another Success of ADD Grup at EUW 2017

ADD Grup is glad to announce that European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam has successfully come to an end. For us it was another opportunity to show the company’s potential and also massively to present our own breakthrough in the smart metering domain.
For the EUW exhibition we brought our latest Advanced Prepayment solution which allows consumers to spend their money even more wisely and carefully and also to economize energy resources due to reasonable consumption.

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03 October 2017

ADDAX PRIME meters successfully tested in Slovakia

Ongoing gradual deregulation of the electricity market is provoking EU country members to test and install meters of a newer smarter kind. With the tendency to “pay less and get more” this is exactly what you receive deploying smart meters of the latest generation.

Government and the energy industry insist on usage of smart grid technologies as smart meters offer the potential for some undeniable benefits.

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25 September 2017

ADDAX advanced prepayment solution - a new approach to interaction between distribution system operators and electricity consumers

Utilities around the world are presumed to stimulate consumers to pay up front for energy due to the increasing amount of liabilities deriving from unpaid energy bills and thus there is a high need for prepayment solution which would facilitate interaction between utility and consumer. The existing prepayment solutions available from the market being a relatively new invention at times may seem imperfect.

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