Caring for the environment is an important task for ADD GRUP

Posted on 13 June 2019

ADD GRUP is a modern high-tech enterprise in the field of production of electronic equipment for remote metering systems for resource consumption, therefore environmental issue is very important for the company.
ADD GRUP takes a careful and responsible attitude to nature and great attention is paid to the company's environmental policy. Managing environmental aspects and risks, saving natural resources and energy, are important tasks for the company.
The company has implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with requirements of lSO 14001: 2015.

Use and accounting of natural resources
Every year technical department of ADD GRUP monitors consumption of natural resources, analyzes consumption data, plans the budget and preventive work to save resources and energy.
The company assumes responsibility for organizing the accounting of the volume of energy and natural resources used: electricity, natural gas and water. For this purpose, in all possible cases, meters are installed, which are maintained and checked in accordance with the applicable technical requirements.
The company constantly conducts training of personnel in the field of rational consumption of resources, as well as in order to increase the level of environmental awareness, each employee is involved in implementation of the environmental policy of the enterprise. Periodically there are held various activities for improvement of the territory.

Waste at the enterprise
All waste at the production facility is stored in special containers or places, and disposed of in accordance with the contractual relationship with a specialized municipal enterprise.
Paper and cardboard products collected at the plant are sent for recycling. Instead, the company receives various paper products, such as toilet paper, napkins, paper towels.


Utilization and recycling of industrial waste

In the manufacture of products, mainly environmentally friendly materials are used.
During production activities, non hazardous and hazardous wastes are collected at the enterprise, which are sent for recycling. Some wastes, such as sludge from solder and plastic from meter cases, are reutilized at the plant, for this purpose special machines and furnaces are used.

Preserving a favorable environment and rational handling of natural resources is our duty to current and future generations!