ADD GRUP against child labor exploitation

Posted on 18 July 2019

Illegal use of child labor is a serious problem in modern society. Today, there are more than 218 million exploited children in the world.  ADD GRUP company has a negative attitude towards the use of minors' work, as it believes that childhood is a period of life, which should not be devoted to work, but to education and development.

In order to combat the illegal use of child labor and raise awareness, ADD GRUP takes the following measures:

  • Does not use the labor of persons under the age of majority at the enterprise.
  • Informs its readers on the company's website and on social media pages about the inadmissibility of the use of child labor.
  • Requires all potential partners to have a code of ethics and proof that the company does not use child labor.
  • Provides financial assistance to orphanages and low-income families.

ADD GRUP calls for taking care of children and protecting them from exploitation. We believe that, first of all, it is necessary to improve the social protection system and provide adults with work so that poor families do not have to look for means of survival.

EN_Campaign Against Child Labor.pdf
Ethcial Trade Pamphlet.pdf