5 advantages of ADDAX IMS smart meters for the consumer

Posted on 05 June 2019

Smart meters based on ADDAX IMS system are modern instruments for tracking electricity consumption, they allow consumers to save money and adjust their consumption. We have gathered the five most important advantages of smart meters developed by ADD GRUP for consumers.

Automatic meter reading
Smart meters provide fast and accurate measurement of power consumption, while eliminating the need for monthly visits by utility employees. All data on electricity consumption is automatically sent to the supplier, which means that you do not need to take care of monthly readings.

2.    Real-time monitoring
Smart meters provide real-time data. Energy consumption is displayed on the instrument itself, on the displays or online, on your supplier’s website. At any time you can find out the amount of energy consumed and, if necessary, reduce it.

3.    Multi-tariff
The ADDAX IMS meters are programmed with up to 6 tariff registers, this allows the consumer to reduce costs by increasing energy consumption during off-peak time when tariffs are cheaper. And reduce consumption in the most expensive period.

4.    Credit and prepayment
By installing a prepaid system based on the STS standard, consumers have the opportunity to avoid accumulating debts to the supplier, or in a difficult financial situation to use electricity on credit. The consumer, as necessary, replenishes his account with the help of tokens (20-digit numeric codes), using the custom display keyboard to load the credit into meter.

5.    Security
Smart meters are able to determine the quality of the supplied electricity and voltage drops, they notify the power company about this in time, which makes it possible to prevent equipment breakdowns or accidents.