Metrological Accreditation

Full version of certificate

We are pleased to inform that our testing laboratory fulfills the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 and is competent to carry on testing activities.

The reliability of testing laboratory is a very important feature of every company that offers metering solutions. Smart meters are rigorously tested for accuracy before they leave the manufacturing plant. We are very proud of the accuracy class of our smart meters. They are high accurate devices suitable for residential and light industrial metering. Accuracy class for direct connected meters: 1 (active energy) and 2 (reactive energy); for transformer connected meters: 0.5s (active energy) and 1 (reactive energy).

Accreditation Certificate is a proof that the parameters of smart meters’ accuracy class can be measured directly in our testing laboratory. We are technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate test and/or calibration data.

Nowadays, our testing laboratory is used just for the purposes of our company for testing and confirming the accuracy class of products but after we proved that it fulfills the international requirements it can also be available and really attractive for the third parts in the future.

Fulfilling the requirements of the SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 means an additional advantage for participating in different tenders.