Innovations in standard smart metering solutions for KPI improvement

Posted on 21 June 2017

Standard solutions in smart metering are designed to assure vendor independence through interoperability.

If we talk about PRIME and G3-PLC, respective alliances include as members a lot of vendors, many of them even having the certificates for meters and data concentrators for compliance with respective technology.

In view of this does it mean that the performance in the field for all the meters and communication equipment will be equal? The answer is no, as even in highly standardized solutions there is a space for innovative mechanisms that seriously improve the system performance in order to achieve maximum KPIs.

ADD Grup has always been able to achieve benchmarking KPIs in a number of projects, thus motivating the utilities to demand the same level from the other vendors.

Some of the projects are provided below:

Project Owner Technology Load Profiles KPI
ESO, Lithuania PRIME, 3GPP Hourly, Daily, Monthly 100%
ENERGO Pro Georgia PRIME 15 min, Daily, Monthly 100%
CEZ Romania PRIME 15 min, Daily, Monthly 99%+
CEZ Czech Republic S-FSK IEC 61334-5-1 15 min, Daily, Monthly 99%+
PRE Czech Republic PRIME 1 min, 10 min, Daily, Monthly 99%+
ENERGA Operator Poland S-FSK IEC 61334-5-1 15 min, Daily, Monthly 98%+
ENERGA Operator Poland PRIME with ADDAX DCU Hourly, Daily, Monthly 99%+


ADDAX IMS has been able to deliver beyond the requested performance in projects and countries where the others failed in PLC causing the country level skepticism about feasibility of PLC communication country wise.

Project Owner Technology Load Profiles KPI
JUSCO, India PRIME 15 min, Daily, Monthly 99%+


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