ADD GRUP showcased Universal Hardware Platform and Loss Reduction Solution at European Utility Week 2013

Posted on 23 October 2013

ADD GRUP participated at European Utility Week 2013, which took place in Amsterdam RAI Convention Center between 15 and 17 of October. For ADD GRUP, EUW2013 represented a good opportunity to showcase its latest innovations, meet with our current and prospective partners and explore the requirements of new markets.
ADD GRUP showcased the universal hardware platform and the MID approved Pole Mounted Meter. Both solutions were installed and operated at our stand. The universal platform can embed different functionality, enables the meter to use different PLC technologies and remotely switch of modulation without any changes in the hardware.
Our visitors have been particularly attracted by a utility pylon being mounted on our stand with a unique device on its top – the Pole Mounted Meter (PMM). The PMM is ADD GRUP’s specialized AMI meter that has been developed to solve the issue of illegal consumption. Some 250 000 PMM have already been installed in Russia’s high loss areas and demonstrated its capability to reduce system losses from 50-70% to acceptable values of 6-7%. This solution has been recently MID certified and is now available for the European Union market.
EUW visitors could find ADD GRUP’s meters at PRIME Alliance booth, yet another confirmation of ADD GRUP’s position as a leading provider of open/interoperable solutions,
ADD GRUP will certainly be participating at the next year’s edition of the EUW, which will be held in November 2014.