ADD GRUP invites you to EUW 2016

Posted on 03 October 2016

It is a pleasure for us to announce that ADD GRUP following a long-lasting tradition shall again take part in European Utility Week, taking place this year in Barcelona between 15 to 17 November.
During the last two years we have seen so many things happening in EU smart metering environment as well as globally, where more and more utilities started to actively look for the right infrastructures to ensure its business has an effective and smooth transformation to meet new ever growing market, regulatory and consumer demands.
At the same time we have also noticed that a variety of technologies, platforms, ranging from dozens of proprietary solutions to standardized protocols started to be shaped through implementations and field experience and finally the leaders of technology clearly identified themselves being chosen by the most important players in energy market.
By the leaders we certainly mean PRIME and G3-PLC. Its followers often argue about advantages and disadvantages of each of the technologies, which however previously have never been tested in absolutely identical environment.
ADD-GRUP promoting for several years its Universal Hardware and Communication Platform supporting S-FSK IEC 61334-5-1, PRIME and G3 on the same devices has had a chance this year to finally participate in an unprecedented and unique experiment, where meters and data concentrators have been tested in both PRIME and G3-PLC in the same environment. The uniqueness of experiment is characterized by the following:
-    Same meters and Data Concentrators
-    Same transformer substation, users and network environment
-    Same HES
-    Same data models and configurations
-    Transition from PRIME to G3-PLC just by the firmware change
-    No replacement of meters, concentrators, consumer switching or disconnections
We are proud to announce that the project has been successfully completed and accepted by the customer Sadales Tikls (Latvia) with the target data collection rate of 100% achieved!
This project also confirms the ability of more than 0.7 million meters on Universal Hardware and Communication Platform already being in exploitation in the field in Poland (Energa Operator), Latvia (Sadales Tikls), Poland (PGE), Russia (MRSK), SeverElectro (Kyrgyzstan) to work in either PRIME or G3-PLC mode, thus bringing ADD-GRUP to the top list of vendors with the largest PRIME and G3-PLC experience.
By this communiqué we would like to invite you during EUW 2016 to visit our booth No. 3G109 and are willing to share our knowledge and vast experience related to the deployment and usage of PLC technologies globally in different environments with ever-stable and predictable system performance to the best satisfaction of our customers!  
To reserve a time slot, please, send us an email to
ADD GRUP representatives and partners discussing at EUW stand

Your ADD GRUP team.