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25 April 2014

Energa Operator: AMI and Smart Meters, a closer look

Nowadays in our modern and developing world we can clearly sense the rise of interest in advanced metering infrastructure and smart meters. Now one of the major energy suppliers from Poland – Energa Operator made a short video that describes in details the structure of this system, which is based on ADDAX IMS, and its components.

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14 March 2014

E.ON Hungary: New Approach to Tackling Illegal Consumption

Increasing illegal consumption is a stringent issue for Hungarian electricity distribution companies. Current difficult economic downturn has determined many to use illegal connections to get electricity “for free”, causing important losses to DSOs. Stealing electricity is as simple as throwing a cable on a bare mains wire.

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27 January 2014

ADD GRUP Newsletter: Now available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure we inform you that now you can subscribe to our newsletter. It’s easy, and simple! All that’s needed is to enter your Email and click the Subscribe button.  The Newsletter form can be found at the bottom of our website.
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19 December 2013

Gas Natural Fenosa in Moldova chose ADDAX IMS to reduce nontechnical losses

ADD GRUP has deployed an end-to-end ADDAX AMI solution comprising 230 smart meters to RED Union Fenosa, in a problematic area in Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. The pilot has been in operation since the beginning of 2013 and has achieved its goal to reduce the non-technical losses.

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08 October 2013

ADD GRUP got MID certificate for Pole Mounted Meter – it’s innovation with proven capacity to prevent electricity theft

Utilities try to fight the electricity theft by increased patrols, organizing ambushes, etc. However these measures are not effective as the tampering happens inside the household and that means a private property - a hard to access area by definition.

After a long experience of tackling the electricity theft in various countries, ADD GRUP has come up with the ultimate solution against illegal consumption.

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02 October 2013

ADD GRUP meters are PRIME certified

30 September 2013 -- Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – Madrid, Spain -- ADDAX single phase and three phase meters have successfully passed PRIME testing at DNV KEMA’s laboratories and are now certified by PRIME Alliance.
Besides the standard features available at PRIME meters, ADDAX single phase and three phase meters have extended functionality like USB, wireless M-BUS, PLC FSK132 interfaces for Home Area Network.

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23 September 2013

Utilities and integrators from 7 CEE countries met to discuss best practices in AMI deployment at a regional Seminar

Representatives of 8 Distribution System Operators and 7 AMI vendors/integrators participated at a seminar in held in the Republic of Moldova, on September 16-18. The seminar became an international platform for electricity utilities, as well as AMI vendors/integrators to exchange their views regarding the deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, market requirement and domestic regulations leading to AMI implementation.

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19 September 2013

World Class Smart Meter Tech from SA

RUBBYTAD Group unveils Smart Meter Tech

On a world-wide basis, both domestic and commercial consumers are faced with the ever-rising cost of electricity, water and gas ; commodities essential in the support of our frenetic modern life-styles.

At one and the same time, utility supply companies wrestle daily with the problems of ever-increasing consumer demand and the consequent need for infrastructural enhancement, as well as the high cost of grid maintenance.

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25 July 2013

ADDAX meters and Data Concentrators to be based on a Universal Hardware Platform

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 25 of July 2013 --- ADD GRUP is pleased to announce the release of a Universal Hardware Platform of ADDAX meters and Data Concentrators which will support remote switching between PLC technologies/modulations thus making it easier to implement new projects, support the existing roll-outs and streamline the production process.

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